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                1. Shopping

                (1) On campus:

                • The underground supermarket of No. 8 Canteen
                • The underground supermarket of No. 9 Canteen
                • Jida Supermarket, beside No. 2 Student Canteen
                • UJN Grocery, beside Foreign Students Apartment
                • Shungeng Campus Supermarket, in the Canteen
                • Mingshui Campus Supermarket, beside the Teaching Building

                (2) Off campus:

                • Hualian Supermarket: On Jiwei Road, 5 minutes from Main Campus.
                • Huanyu Shopping Mall : On Erhuan Road, 10 minutes from Main Campus.
                • Wal-Mart: It is on Yangguang Road, take bus No. 92 and get off at Yangguang Road Station.

                Underground supermarket