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                Welcome to the Museums of UJN

                University of Jinan never forgets that a unviersity not only produces competent professionals , but it also produces all¡ªround people. UJN realizes that a university plays an important role and has responsibility to nurture students with sense of beauty and appreciation of beauty.

                With this philosophy , two museums are established on UJN Campus.

                Welcome to Shundao Art Museum

                Shundao Art Museum of UJN, funded by Shunqi Commerce Management Company Limited, is intended to collect books, paintings, printing paper (seal), lettering art of artists at home and abroad.

                It has an exhibition area of 3000 square meters and 20 lights showcases. 150 pieces of works can be displayed .

                Most important, in order to aspire after fine arts and original works, Shundao Art Museum is also dedicated to holding various exhibition including masters¡¯ works and art salon.

                The museum provides service for contemporary painters, calligraphers, and photographers as well as teachers and students of University of Jinan, including calligraphy, seal cutting , and historical documents.

                With the motto of  Making friends and Improving oneself by art , Shundao Museum will be a bridge between science and humanity art for UJN.

                Opening hours: 8:30a.m.~11:30a.m., 2:00p.m.~5:30p.m
                Monday to Friday
                Address: Main Campus
                Phone: (0531)-82767232

                Shundao Art Museum

                Inside of Shundao Art Museum

                Stone Relief of Han Dynasty (unearthed in Main Campus of UJN in 1986)

                Art of Calligraphy Exhibiton

                Ink and Wash Painting  Exhibition

                Beijing Opera Facial Mask Exhibiton

                Ink and Wash Painting & Beijing Opera Facial Mask Exhibition