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                Welcome to Shandong Folklore Culture Museum

                Located at the foot of Qinglong Mountain which is to the west of Blessed Jade Tennis Court on Main Campus of UJN, Shandong Folklore Culture Museum was co-established by Shandong Folklore Society and University of Jinan in October, 2012. Feng Jicai£¬ vice chairman of China Federation of Literary & Art Circles, chairman of China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art£¬wrote the name for Shandong Folklore Culture Museum.

                The museum covers an area of 1200 square meters including 400 square meters of floor space with the style of quadrangles (very typical and representative Chinese residence with four individual houses). It has a front yard and a back yard. Walls and doors of these yards are built with relics of the late Qing Dynasty with the technology of building movement,.

                The front yard has two exhibition halls, West Hall and East Hall. Folk new year paintings, papercuts, clay (dough) figurines, Feicheng¡¯s peach wood artworks, folk embroideries, and other folk arts are exhibited in the West Hall, showing China¡¯s development over centuries. The East Hall is kept in reserve for various folk artworks.

                The Back yard contains Life Appliances Hall and A Family Home Hall, displaying China¡¯s traditional pottery chopsticks, pottery containers and items for wedding ceremony and so on.

                In addition, the museum has a middle sized meeting room accommodating up to 50 people and displaying academic achievements of members of Shandong Folklore Culture Society of 25 years.

                Opening hours: 9:00a.m.~11:30a.m., 2:00p.m.~4:00p.m
                Saturday to Sunday
                Address: Main Campus
                Phone: (0531) 82767232

                Gate of Shandong Folk Culture Museum

                Back Yard

                Name written by Feng Jicai, vice chairman of China Federation of Literary & Art Circles, chairman of China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art

                Clay Sculptures

                Clay Sculptures 2

                Historical Documents

                Calabash Sculptures

                Papercutting of Twelve Symbolic Animals Associated with a 12 year Cycle


                Pottery Drinking Vessel

                Traditional bridal chamber with local culture